Periodontal Care

A healthy foundation is essential in maintaining a healthy, happy smile. During your initial comprehensive exam, we look in detail at the periodontal gum tissue and diagnose any concerns including deep pockets, recession, and tooth mobility. Because periodontal disease is virtually painless in the early stages, it can be silently causing irreversible damage to your periodontal gum tissue and bone in ways only a thorough professional exam can identify. Although this damage is not often reversible, our goal is to diagnose any concerns early so that we can prevent any continued damage from ongoing disease. Our periodontal hygiene services include the following:

  • Creating a long term customized dental health care plan
  • Charting and diagnostic services
  • Scaling, root planing, and local medication application
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Prescription medications as needed
  • Patient education on home care and diet